Mainsail F18
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  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
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Mainsail F18

F18 Mainsail - Square Top New generation - (Hobie 18 Formula, Pacific, Tiger, Dart Hawk …)

- MNX6 laminated sail cloth
- Cross Cut finish with triradial reinforcement
- Batten, tensioners and bag included
REF : GVF1810000
VAT included
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New Generation Fathead/ Square top mainsail for 18 '' sport catamaran

Key points:
- Uncertificated sail but follow the F18 class rules.
- You can manage the F18 class certification

High-performance sail:
- MNX6 laminated sailcloth fabric . (High reinforced fibers grid placed between 2 mylar films treated against UV). High benefits : excellent strenght to weight ratio, increased durability and strenght resistance.
This kind of cloth comes from Ocean Racing and isa used by several top of the range sailmakers.
This technology and the sail design managing efforts and ensures a good flow. Thin and stable profile
- Cross Cut oriented finish with triradial reinforcement
- Fiber battens + tensioners, easy to use thanks to a BTR/Allen key : the ideal tension is easily and quickly found!
- 4 penants / tell tales control on the sail and 2 telltales on the leesh to control the flow

- Window for a 360 ° clear view on the water

- Better Power control: Depending on cunningham tension, the top head of the sail twists during the gust and powers back during down wind.

- Nice look and new sensations:These mainsail give a boost and new look to old F18 with standard sail.

Hook included but not assembled : please let us know if you need the hook or not
- Optional Hook Tiger : 50 € (for free if you order a F18 mainsail)

- Luff : 841 cm
- Foot : 220 cm

Warranty 2 years: subject to appropriate using.
Damages resulting from improper use or misuse are not guaranteed.