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Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18
  • Mainsail F18

F18 Main Sail

Mainsail for F18 sport catamaran (Hobie 18 Formula, Pacific, Dart Hawk, Tiger, ...) 

- XRP9 Challenge Cloths.  
- Cross Cut finish with triradial reinforcement
- Fiberglass battens and tensioners included
REF : GVF1810000
VAT included
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Horn sail, last generation for sport catamaran F18 TIGER - ALADO - DART HAWK - CIRRUS F18 - MATTIA - HOBIE 18 Formula - PACIFIC - PEARL... 
Key points : 
 - Sail not measured, but meets the rules of class.
 - F18 homologated sail A high performance sail:
 Horn design with thin and stable profile thanks to its reinforced laminated fabric and composite battens 
- Challenge Cloths XRP9. Reinforced fibers are sandwiched between 2 milar films with UV protection. 
- Cross Cut finish with triradial reinforcement
- Slats equipped with Forward tensioners, easy to adjust with an Allen key.
- Very easy and quick to modify tension (no more garcette with its knot, a system that is not obvious).
- 4 Penons on the sail and 2 on the chute for an optimal control of the flow.
- Large single film window for a good view of the water under the wind.
- Better power management: depending on the tension of the cunningham, the top of the sail fades in gusts but regains power downwind.
- Great look and feel: These sails give a facelift to the aging first generation Tiger sails without horns and greatly improve their performance.
- Hook included with the order but not mounted on the sail: this sail is adaptable on different F18 models.
- (Tiger hook option = 50€ : offered when ordering a F18 mainsail)
- Handlebar : 841 cm
- Edge : 220 cm
Guaranteed for 2 years : under the condition of a proper use. Damage resulting from improper use or misuse is not guaranteed.